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Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2018 - London


A site-specific dance piece in collaboration with a live stream video brings you to another city while you help to landscape Wandsworth Common train station. Decide how you will capture the moment, and please - mind the gap.


Follow the dancers across the platforms to explore how the daily routines of commuters can be turned into a sequence of movement. Experience the transformation of an everyday space which you don’t normally pay attention to as it becomes a stage for artists, while the teleportation scene transports you to cities across the globe. Capture the interaction between the dancers, space, and trains in your own way, from your unique perspective. Prepare to be surprised by what the piece is offering, and surprise yourself by joining in the improvisation to help us complete this work together. A global work comes down to a train station - a tiny spot on the map - but we connect people around the world.


Choreographer: Kuan-Yu Chen

Producer: Maggie Sur-Han Chang

UK dance artists: Inari Hulkkonen and Yanaëlle Thiran

International dance artists: Nina Simone' (Marsell Anhel Chavarria+Ching-I Chang) [Richmond, USA], Jethro Pioquinto [Hong Kong], Marah Arcilla [Madrid, Spain], Christine Brorsson [Malmö, Sweden], and Nikoleta Koutitsa [Athens, Greece].

Fashion designer: Lilly Rasnack