Streamed as part of 'Where I'm Coming From' (WICF) Week 3: Taiwanese. Curated by Inventory Platform

Guest Projects Digital Online 2020

This work is inspired by my childhood, which was spent growing up in the beautiful province of Pingtung in South Taiwan. It is fascinating how memories are so connected to our primal instincts. It could be a specific object or a smell that touches one’s deepest memories. Perhaps the events did not happen exactly as we remember them, but what will always be clear is the emotions we associate with these memories. Part of the video was filmed around my house in South-East London and was inspired by how I used to play in the garden of my childhood home. A second part was filmed in Taiwan during this year’s Dragon Boat festival, showing my childhood friend recreating her grandmother’s sticky rice dumplings (粽子), a traditional food made during the festival.

Dance Artist: Kuan-Yu Chen

Videographer: Khaya Maseko (UK), 智久(Taiwan)

Editing: Khaya Maseko


舞蹈家: Kuan-Yu Chen

錄影: Khaya Maseko (英國), 智久(台灣)

剪接: Khaya Maseko

1 2 3 4/1 2 3 FALL

Art Night, London 2018

Shenzhen Fringe Festival, China 2018 

This short site-specific work is in collaboration with composer Khaya Maseko and dancer Yanaëlle Thiran, we work on with how we could encourage audience participation, demonstrate the counterbalance relationship in movement, and most importantly dance with a smile and communication. 


Wandsworth Arts Fringe, London

5-20 May 2018

A site-specific dance piece in collaboration with a live stream video brings you to another city while you help to landscape Wandsworth Common train station. Decide how you will capture the moment, and please - mind the gap.

Choreographer: Kuan-Yu Chen

Producer: Maggie Sur-Han Chang

UK dance artists: Inari Hulkkonen and Yanaëlle Thiran

International dance artists: Nina Simone' (Marsell Anhel Chavarria+Ching-I Chang) [Richmond, USA], Jethro Pioquinto [Hong Kong], Marah Arcilla [Madrid, Spain], Christine Brorsson [Malmö, Sweden], and Nikoleta Koutitsa [Athens, Greece].   

Fashion designer: Lilly Rasnack 


Chisenhale Dance Space, Blue Elephant Theatre, and Red Gallery, London


The piece invites the audience to be aware of the impact of their presence in the theatrical context. 
A funny and light dance theatre duet challenges the roles ‘performers/observers’ in an unusual way.
Questioning who is being watched and who's giving inspiration? Can the performance exist without the audience and vice versa?

Kuan-Yu Chen (Taiwan) and Marie Chabert (France) are independent dance artists with international collaborating experiences who recently started sharing artistic ideas together. They are interested in audience interaction and reaction, improvisation score, site-specific, challenging conventions and provoking some laughter. 




Resolution, London

12 January 2017


Moving from place to place

Leaving parts of yourself behind in each new location

Linking you to where you have been

Pulling back to you with sticky tenderness

Choreographer: Kuan-Yu Chen

Performers: Valerie Ebuwa & Yu-Hsien Wu
Composer: Khaya Maseko


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